Urban Art in Bristol

I recently went visiting a friend in Bristol. After we had coffee and a catch up I went exploring for art. I wasn’t disappointed!

I firstly went a wander round Castle Park and saw St Peters Church. Then went looking for art. I sadly didn’t see any Banksy‘s but I loved my day around Bristol and need to go back again soon for some more exploring.


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In The Gay Bar – Poetry

I don't wanna be horrible

But I said and she said

And do you know what I said

And no one said

And nothing was said horribly about

I'm an 8 out of 10 if you ask me

And you know it's not that bad

It's so off colour it's not even real

I'm sorry I did that

And why are you texting me about tonight

Look at your eyes



This is a found poem made up of snippets of different conversations I heard in The Kings on Saturday night. I found them quite entrancing. These photos bellow are what was written on the toilet door I was looking at as I listened to the people around me. I thought they opitomised the tone of the conversations.


Art in Cardiff

Art is everywhere right now, at least in my life. I bought my first piece of actual art yesterday. It’s a depressed pigeon. I just felt rather a lot of affection to it so decided to add it to my art collection, which until this point included a painting of Cardiff Bay at night I won in a raffle to raise money for ACE Cardiff.  I was told the artists name but my memory is like a sieve, however it was signed MP.

Depressed Pigeon by MP
Depressed Pigeon by MP

Cardiff Bay at Night
Cardiff Bay at Night

Before I bought my Depressed Pigeon I stumbled upon an art exhibit in Cardiff city center. I mostly just went in because I felt sorry for the woman handing out leaflets who almost no one was paying attention to. So I headed down to see some art. It was an amazing exhibit by chinese artists looking at the oppression of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist party.  I learned a lot from attending the exhibit and I intend to look into the subject more. It’s going to be that the Capitol Centre until the 6th of November and I would highly reccomend people in Cardiff visit it. Not just for the political message but also very beautiful art.

Who I Am by Xiqiang Dong
Who I Am by Xiqiang Dong


Determination Under Pressure by  Qing Xin
Determination Under Pressure by Qing Xin


I also bought my first art books in a charity shop for £2 each. They show amazing urban art for Brazil and worldwide.

My First Art Books
My First Art Books


And finally last week was Made in Roath festival which is a local festival with loads of art, music and literature events around Roath, Cardiff. This has resulted in lots of new street art all over Roath. My favourite is a dragon on the side of the Poets Corner pub. I will probably post more about Made in Roath later as I attended a few literature events and had a midnight stroll to look at a skip.


Urban Art
Urban Art
Urban Art
Urban Art

The Dragon on the Poets Corner
The Dragon on the Poets Corner



Urban Art Number Two: The Best Street in Cardiff

My best friend and I were walking to the camping store last week to get last minute festival necessities and we stumbled upon the best two streets in Cardiff (except for any street with a bookshop, they obviously trump any other street). This is some of the best urban art I’ve ever seen. A five minute walk took us almost twenty as I spent time looking at all the art and taking copious amount of photographs. So here are some of my favourite pieces of art and I would highly recommend you find this street. I won’t tell you the exact location because things like this are always better stumbled upon.

This one give you a bit of an idea where we are at, love all the empty barrels and the awesome art behind it
Gangster Daffy Duck number 1
Gangster Daffy Duck – didn’t know Daffy was hip in the spray painting world.
This one completely snuck up on me. Can’t believe it was done with spray paint.
He must be more cool than I thought!
This is awesome! and reminds me of Karl Pilkington when he visits Mexico in An Idiot Abroad, Although Karl is a bit thiner and looks alot less tough.
He’s going to eat me :/
It's beyond me how people can do this, so much talent!
It’s beyond me how people can do this, so much talent!
Dog and Bombs
This reminded me of a Dr Who villain
This reminded me of a Dr Who villain
Running Robot?
Don’t have a clue what this says but I thought it was beautiful. And it was the last piece of art in the street.