Lesbian waitress denied tip



In The Gay Bar – Poetry

I don't wanna be horrible

But I said and she said

And do you know what I said

And no one said

And nothing was said horribly about

I'm an 8 out of 10 if you ask me

And you know it's not that bad

It's so off colour it's not even real

I'm sorry I did that

And why are you texting me about tonight

Look at your eyes



This is a found poem made up of snippets of different conversations I heard in The Kings on Saturday night. I found them quite entrancing. These photos bellow are what was written on the toilet door I was looking at as I listened to the people around me. I thought they opitomised the tone of the conversations.


Broken and Beautiful – Poetry

You are as beautiful as you are broken

And I would have glued every shard of you together

Piece by piece

Until blood poured from my crippled hands

Just to make you whole.

But you will always remain fractured,

Ill fitting in the body and mind which god granted you

Until you stop looking for what you see as normal.

And if you love men

Love them with all you are.

As I loved you.

Holding Hands