Wonderfully Shit -Poetry

My home is wonderful.

My house is shit.

Black mould paints the walls,

sits on my books before dancing in the air.

I clean with Detol, Flash and Vanish.

It always comes back.


Then the cupboard lost its door

exposing beans, peas and Gobin Pie.

This at least is edible.

The milk in the fridge shouldn't be solid

and I'm sure ham should not be green.

My house was shit.

My home was beautiful.

Our vodka family
June 2011...decided not to take our tree down too early
Bye bye flat 😦




My Worldview – Poetry

My Mother is upset with me
I’ve not captured her in verse
I’ve written about my stepfather who she loves
And my grandmother who lost the man she loves
I’ve written about the boy who held my heart and shook and shattered it
And the girl who fixed my heart and showed me how it works

I’ve never written about my mother because there are no words
To describe the women who crafted me
Unintentionally moulding me in her vision
Who showed me how to look at the world
Who allowed me to question
Who gifted me everything I am

I write about my Mother in every single verse
Because she is in everything I see and say and do
And even when I forget to phone
And forget to say the words
You are with me
Because you taught me
How to look at the world

Mum and Graham enjoying a chocolate fountain
Mum and Graham enjoying a chocolate fountain
Me and My Mammy
Me and My Mammy
Mammy and Blair
Mammy and Blair

The Mice – Poetry

I cannot see you but I know you are there

In cracks and crevices you scuttle away

Hidden from eyes but chorusing feet betray you

I do not mind if you make your home

In the membrane of my own

But please I ask you little beasty

Do not cross the barrier of plaster and stone

Of brick and mortar that makes my own

I believe we can cohabit well

If in my home you do not dwell

Stay on the outskirts but not within

My little home made of plaster and stone