No Nonsense November (NoNoNo)

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix. I take these things for granted in my life. They are like chewing gum. I check my facebook page but I realise I am not actually reading it. I watch a show I have already watched on Netflix 3 times just…because.

It’s a habit. A compulsion. An addiction?

Social Media

So I have decided to have a No Nonsense November (NoNoNo). I pledge to the readers of my blog I am going to have the most productive November in history. Okay, maybe it won’t be that monumental but it will be good! I’m entering the third year of my PhD and obviously I have a lot of work to do. I am not going to lie (unless my boss reads this then of course I’m lying!) I am a procrastinator. I am easily distracted and lead astray by people, food and shiny objects. This is probably why I am still overweight and can’t kick the chocolate habit! I need to make myself focus. I work well on a deadline which is why my life is dictated in small self driven deadlines.

So this November I am giving up social media and on demand tv to help kick the procrastination and get the most out of Nevember. Bye bye to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (don’t really use it so won’t be a great loss), LinkedIn (I can almost justify this as work but its going), BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Netflix, Lovefilm etc.

Part of me is really not looking forward to it. I almost don’t want to post about it because them I am actually going to have to do it. But on the other hand it is probably a good thing I give it up for a while. It will let me focus on my work and my social life. The real one I have away from the internet. I can phone people. Go out. I can focus on my experiments which will take up a great deal of time but will hopefully make up a large part of my thesis. Speaking of thesis, I plan to spend a good part of November writing my first results chapter as well as getting a good deal of reading done for my introductory chapter which is due at the end of January. Another draw to NoNoNo is this is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. So I can link NoNoNo with NaNoWriMo.


Yes, reading this back it all does look a bit of a mountain to climb. A big experiment (plus lots of little experiments), a thesis chapter, reading for another thesis chapter and NaNoWriMo…plus you know normal things like talking to people, eating, seeking the LF, sleeping. Lets see if it happens…


3 days to go….