I Promise

Last night I was asked if I had been thriving or surviving in 2014. In some aspects of my life I have been thriving, but also in many aspects I have been trying to survive. I am bored of surviving. Bored of worrying and not embracing what is around me.

So in 2015 I make myself a vow to thrive. To see the wonder in the world and feel more complete as a person. I am going to stop seeing joy in material possesions and start to see the joy in doing more. I am going to remember what makes me happy and do it.

So here are my promises to future Rachel. Rachel of new year 2015. Rachel in 365 days.

I promise to be kinder to you, to not blame you for just trying to be. I will give you what you need and no more. I will make you have a happy year.

I promise to be more thoughtful, calmer and mindful. This will help you make the best decisions and be the best person to be around.

I promise to be a better friend to others and to make an effort to make new friends. When you are feeling at your worse you will sometimes forget your friend, I know I have. So when you are having a bad day remember there are wonderful people in the world and you are lucky to know them all.

I promise I will have finished the thesis. I will have passed the viva and will have a new job. Easy :-/

I will have put a ring on it.

I will have learned to knit.

I will continue to explore God, and try and live the life I have been given in the best way possible.

I will not try and be a better person, I can only be me.

I will try and be the best version of myself.

Future Rachel, I promise you all of these things. Here is to 2015.



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