I Promise

Last night I was asked if I had been thriving or surviving in 2014. In some aspects of my life I have been thriving, but also in many aspects I have been trying to survive. I am bored of surviving. Bored of worrying and not embracing what is around me.

So in 2015 I make myself a vow to thrive. To see the wonder in the world and feel more complete as a person. I am going to stop seeing joy in material possesions and start to see the joy in doing more. I am going to remember what makes me happy and do it.
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2014 a Short Review

I have not blogged in almost 10 months, shocking I know. Life has been rather busy and went from being very hard to being very wonderful. I had a month of work early in the year and now I am back on track and trying to finish the PhD. I have four wonderful pets, Daisy the dog, Aslan and Willow the cats and Karl the bunny. Most importantly I have my lovely girlfriend.


Enough mushiness now. I am going to re-start blogging so I just wanted to start with a quick recap of the time I’ve not been blogging.














Cat coasters, because you never have enough cat themed stuff around.

Amazing! Totally going to do this for my parents Christmas!

Simply Yarn - when thread becomes something beautiful

I share the love for yarn with many of my real life friends, We share and we discuss many different ideas, patterns and techniques.

In fact, It is not uncommon to send each other pictures to tempt ourselves into prove we can always come up with something new.

My best friend and I also share the love for cats, so when she sent me the picture of these cat coasters I fell in love with them in an instant.

Cat crochet

They were linked to me from a Facebook page, that in its turn redirected to a craft website. The bouncing from website to another wasn’t finsihed. These coasters were indeed featured in the Etsy page of Shanna Compton called hooks and balls.

I think it is important to give people credit for their work, especially if their work inspire you to create something similar.

RIght, now that I had uncovered…

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