25 by 25: Number 11 (Part 1) Novelty Builds Neurons

I decided on Saturday to have a day of novelty. As novelty builds neurons. So I visited the Cardiff Fashion Quarter (CFQ), which had some amazing art outside it and some amazing clothes, accessories and retro stuff inside. I didn’t buy anything, mostly because I was overwhelmed with the mountain of things, and it fact that people in the 70’s/80’s were all made around a size six.


After that I went a bit of a wander, bought some books (shocking) and went to the library and took out more books, because I obviously don’t have enough at home already. Then I bought some new coffee (because novelty builds neurons) which I came home and drank while reading The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen. I took this book out of the library because the back page described it as “An Incoherent Nightmare of Sex”, but it sadly did not live up to what I expected; which was some horror filled sex romp about the God Pan (Pan’s Labrynth with more sex). It may have been true when the book was released in 1894 but did not live up to what I expected.

The coffee on the other hand was amazing!

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